Queen Annes War Part 1

         As the so called Age of Enlightenment climbs to its apex in Europe, government by birthright shows itself threadbare in the seat. The Bourbons and Stuarts, blood relatives, are incapable of sharing the vast North American continent thirty times the area of France and Great Britain combined, and feud like the Hatfields and McCoys. The European system of government by privilege is morally, intellectually, and physically bankrupt. It will came crashing down by the end of the century, as America, the richest prize in the history of mankind, slips forever away from European control. France and England, will have little to show for their three centuries of New World follies except sweet revenge, mountains of war debt and countless corpses. The unrestrained passion for revenge seething in French blood will help wrest the American colonies from English hegemony. The loss to France of Quebec, Montreal, Acadia and Hudson’s Bay is repaid in kind by England’s loss of Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Charleston. In the end, America is free. And what of the rotting, stinking carcass of Europe’s government by privilege? From the start of Queen Anne’s War in 1702, four score and seven years must pass before a new birth of freedom is brought forth on the European continent.


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