Queen Annes War Part 1

         1704 France, a time of gorgeous aristocrats in silks and satins as barbarous as naked woodland savages. Once again the European continent groans under the calamities of a world war now in its third year. The King of Spain has died without issue, and Louis XIV, seated on the Catholic throne of France for the past 61 years, wants to secure the Catholic throne of Spain for his grandson. King Louie, beside being a model Christian in public, is privately just another fallen sinner - a lothario and con man who loves three things, money, women and New France (and power too, without which he could not keep any one of the three.) In his ardor for these worldly tokens, he devises a nefarious scheme. When a Spanish treasure ship is taken, the gold ingots are displayed in Paris shop windows. Hirelings spread the rumor that rich gold deposits have been found in New France, and New France will yield as much gold as New Spain (Mexico, Central and South America.) Of course, Louie is technically right! Canada has plenty of gold, only no one knows that in the Eighteenth Century. Louie’s finance minister creates a stock company to exploit the newly found riches of New France, and the government works tirelessly to pump up the stock price. Gilding the lily even further, Louie asks the women of France to patriotically volunteer to go to New France and marry the lonely gold miners. (People are not immigrating to frigid Canada and disease ridden Louisiana unless Louie sends them in chains or pays dearly for them to go. To Louie’s consternation, Europeans are flocking in ever increasing numbers to the English Colonies - even Frenchmen. He is now implying that everyone in New France will soon be fabulously wealthy.) The women of France rise to the occasion, and in 1704, after a long, harrowing sea journey, the first boat load of French women sails into Mobile harbor. The women rush ashore to discover there are no millionaire gold miners, only a motley group of derelicts living in abject poverty. But Louisiana is a Venus flytrap, once inside, victims are immured. No one can leave without express permission from Versailles. When word about the phantom gold mines eventually drifts back to France, the bubble bursts and all the stockholders are ruined. Louie and his mistresses laugh all the way to the bank.


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