Queens Anne's War Part 2

         1704 New England, a widening vortex of vengeance feeds on the mounting toll of injustices in all quarters: the Indians, without any concept of private property, want revenge for the fertile lands taken from them. Indian women grow tens of millions of bushels of corn annually while the men hunt fresh meat daily. The corn crop quickly exhausts the soil, so every few years, Indian villages move to alternate fertile areas, leaving the old corn fields fallow for the soil to regenerate. They intend to return to the regenerated corn fields in several years, and take up where they left off - a system of farming so ancient its origins are obscured by time. European settlers, seeing empty farmland, simply take it, the land now becomes their private property, and lost to the Indians forever - gone but not forgotten. Added to their use-it-or-lose-it land problems, the Indians have other insurmountable barriers barring the way to equity with the technically superior foreigners. Indians have no written language or business lexicon whatsoever, so every deal or trade must by necessity be a handshake agreement - no problem for an Indian doing business in this fashion for thousands of years, but the urbane Europeans, who are even at this early date producing prodigious numbers of lawyers, take oral contracts as a licence to steal. (Which is not too different today.) Also considering that very, very few Indians of the time speak English - every oral transaction requires a multilingual translator - it is easy to see how the Indians, who legally own the entire country from ocean to ocean, are easily cheated with every transaction. The very term, “LAWYER” is an incomprehensible concept for Stone Age aborigines to absorb.


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